‘’İÇDÜS’’ Production Area Sensitive to Human and the Environment

Fuat Gözaçan has launched İÇDÜS, which is aimed to be a production base in Turkey example to the world about production sensitive to human and the environment covering Iğdır, Ardahan, Kars and Ağrı provinces, along with many state institutions and social society organizations.

Project, which is one of Turkey's largest state and private partnerships, has been converted into a strong structure with collaborations of Serhat Development Agency, Güçder operating in the region in addition to the Ministry of Economy and Development.

It has been allowed to be taken concrete steps for production areas sensitive to human and the environment with the implementation of internationally adopted BSCI standards without exception in a state-controlled manner. Many aspects have been implemented under these standards, including application of legal working hours without prohibition of child labor; occupational health and safety without prohibition of forced labor and from environmental protection to the legal compliance.

İÇDÜS; within the scope of the state incentives; will realize employment of 1,000 people by the end of 2015 with regard to the project in which it is aimed to be employed 4,500 people in the sixth zone. It is planned that Iğdır will become the center of denim production, Ardahan is of knitting, Ağrı is of hosiery / knitwear and Kars is of non-denim.


A cutting and sewing factory which is the largest investment in the region with 7 thousand square meters of indoor space and recruits hundreds of people was established in Iğdır in 2012.

Iğdır among Serhat provinces was identified as the most suitable province to become a denim center, considering its geographic location, public mosaic, pristine quality in the textile sector, young population that can be employed, climate and logistics force.

Gözaçan with his words '' we have preferred to make production with our own people in our own soils like every citizen loving his country rather than importing from the Far East'' reveals the importance of the studies conducted in making Iğdır a denim production center.

Contribution to the region's development has been made through this investment with the highly developed aspect of social responsibility as well as commercial returns. 65% of the teams working in the production facilities consist of females in accordance with the logic based on our women's contribution to the production and economy.

Through the support to development of the region with the formation of large-scale employment it has been ensured that our people who would be working in the contemporary conditions within the scope of sustainability standards would support the economy and peace.

Iğdır having had a broad repercussion across the country and taking the road with major goals continues to write success stories by increasing the investment capacity and number of employments.

Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri

Fuat Gözaçan as the leader of İÇDÜS project , with the confidence and pride caused by the largest investment ever made in Iğdır throughout history, has begun to make joint efforts with the Government of Turkey as a pioneer for realization of investments in Ağrı, Ardahan, Iğdır and Kars.

GÜÇDER association was founded with a combination of seven textile companies in the region. These joining forces were supported by the Ministry of Development by being found quite valuable.

Association established under the name of GÜÇDER makes contributions to development of the region and strengthening of the reliable and sustainable production areas which the global brands look for.

GÜÇDER, aiming to increase value of the expression 'Made in Turkey' in the textile industry and to create a production area sensitive to human and the environment in the region consisting of Iğdır, Kars, Ardahan and Ağrı provinces, makes contribution to the promotion of İÇDÜS at home and abroad and tries to encourage large companies to come to the region as investors.

All companies within İÇDÜS are supported and right investors are helped to make investments in the correct region. At the same time in order to take advantage of government support, establishment of dialogues with SERKA and government channels is supported.

Marketing of İÇDÜS to overseas customers, making promotional activities and the expansion of opportunities to enable İÇDÜS companies to do export are among the most important tasks of GÜÇDER.