Fuat Gözaçan İş Hayatı
He began his professional life with the hotel industry at very young age. He had an extensive knowledge on the functioning of all departments in a hotel during the internship he did for two years at no charge.

This knowledge, sacrifice and hard work have opened the way for him to become a front office assistant manager at Adakule Hotel in a short time.

He accepted the proposal of being a hotel manager awarded by Aydınlı Hotel and created a team of 40 people and became the head of a hotel which he created entirely from scratch, from accounting to the computer system and from job description to paperwork system.

He was 18 years old when he accepted this recruitment and held the title of Turkey's youngest hotel manager.

His business life had begun by achieving a phenomenal success that is hard to believe, considering his very young age at such a period in which his peers started a new understanding of life and the limited circumstances at that time.

He continued his career in different sectors after completion of his military service. He took a professional step into the textile industry which he had met in the workshop where his mother used to work as a mold master in his childhood by starting a job in the marketing department of a production company in Manisa in 1995.

He became the marketing director of Akçay Sportswear in 1996. He quadrupled the company's sales volume in a short period of one year. Company owners stated "We quadrupled in a year. This is the peak for us; we do not want to continue to grow in this way “and declared that they were not willing to work together with him even though he was waiting to be awarded for such progress. He was one of those rare people asked to leave the job because of his success.

This situation causing disappointment in consideration of knowledge of many years, dedicated work done in the last year and the success achieved then would be the beginning of a long road towards greater success and innovation in fact.
Fuat Gözaçan İş Hayatı
Fuat Gözaçan İş Hayatı
He established FG Textile named as the initials of his name by taking support from the brands that he had worked for and still continues to work after this event as he was the one who continued his career as a successful manager and did not think of starting his own business.

FG Textile starting out with 70 square meters office and a secretary would turn into a global group breaking grounds and making large investments with thousands of employees under the name of FG Group within a short time.