Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri
“House of Denim”

With the objective to contribute to the denim industry on a global scale, he learned the existence of the world's first denim school in Amsterdam in 2013 and became school's strategic partner.

The first step of the large-scale global projects which would be created by this school having the name of ‘’House of Denim’’ had been taken with the aim to be able to provide creative denim professionals who could use both traditional methods and the latest technologies with high technical information.

In order to guarantee future of the denim industry, brand managers and designers of tomorrow in brief the new generations who would direct denim industry in the future are trained in the world’s leading brands with production consciousness sensitive to human and the environment under the roof of House Of Denim.

Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri
House of Denim starting out with a local structure and Dutch curriculum in 2011 will become an international structure with English language to be added to education as from 2015. Thus house will open its doors to students from all over the world. Students will grab the opportunity to apply what they have learned on the product in wash R & D laboratory and at the same time have a chance to undergo a period of training in the centers of the major brands.

With the difference created by Blue Lab Wash R & D Laboratory where all important denim brands and manufacturers are gathering for the first time on a common platform in Europe through the experience gained in the sector; transfer of information to the future and ability to grow up new generations more environmentally friendly, able to use advanced technologies, capable of sustainable production reveal the importance of this house once again.

‘’Denim City’’

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhardvan der Laan invited the Denim’s bosses to Amsterdam on 6 March 2013.

Those around the table have formed the basis of extremely important and large structuring which will help to realize the dream of Mayor with the help and support of Fuat Gözaçan under the name of "Amsterdam Decisions'' in order to make Amsterdam a denim city in this important organization.

It was agreed within the scope of these decisions that Amsterdam would become a denim city, KING PINS SHOW that is arranged in USA bringing together the global brands and manufacturers of denim industry fair would be held in Amsterdam, promotion of Wash R & D Laboratory and House of Denim would be made and major denim brands would be gathered on a common platform under the roof of “Blue Lab”.

Solid steps have been taken to make Amsterdam the world's denim city through this partnership and decisions.

Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri
Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri
“Blue Lab” Wash R & D Laboratory

Fuat Gözaçan was a pioneer in the establishment of the Blue Lab Wash R & D laboratory where a new generation of talents would be gained through the trainings to be given within the context of sustainable production, at the same time denim awareness would be increased by training employees in the sector's most important brands and all important denim brands and producers would be brought together on a common platform for the first time in Europe in the world's city of Amsterdam.

Blue Lab Wash R & D Laboratory would become a structure which will give the industry a new generation of talents directly linked with House of Denim and reveal sustainable and creative creations for students in an environment where they can apply what they have learnt on the product.

It will be however ensured that denim awareness of employees is raised through short-term training programs within the major denim brands and they will be more qualified persons.

It will host R & D studies which are environmentally sensitive with the prescriptions created by less use of water, energy and chemicals and on the subject of sustainable green production protecting human health, including mainly prevention of ' silicosis' disease.

Blue Lab Wash R & D Laboratory will open its doors in 'Denim Building' that will be constructed as a result of the restoration of an old train factory with the support of Amsterdam Mayor Eberhardvan der Laan in 2015. It will become a complete denim center where all important denim brands and producers will be brought together for the first time in Europe along with its customer offices and surely laboratory.

Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri Fuat Gözaçan Gelecek Projeleri