He established FG Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company in 1997. He made FG Textile, starting out with 70 square meters office and a secretary and growing by increasing the capacity and production every year it left behind, one of the industry leaders performing different investments with the self-confidence provided by achievement of many successes by holding the 'first' title on top.

He founded FUDA brand in 2004. He has made a name with the value given to branding in addition to production by purchasing TIGERHILL brand in a geography spread across five continents including Europe.

He has today brought this structure into a global corporation under the name of FG Group with employees close to 1,0000 people and over 2,000 subcontractors holding successful companies under its roof, making major investments through the projects breaking grounds.

Fuat Gözaçan Başarıları
Fuat Gözaçan Başarıları
During this successful growth, he established Germany and Turkey-based VAV Technology Company which would produce technology that protects human health and the environment for the sector.

Gözaçan who are aware of the fact that the silicosis disease developing as a result of prolonged inhalation of the substance called silica shall only be avoided by preventive measures, made a huge investment in R & D studies for the advanced technologies protecting human health, environmentally friendly and engaged in efficient production with zero defect under the roof of VAV Technology Company.

Along with RFID technology, the products could be defined with the help of the radio frequencies thus production process has become to be monitored in a detailed manner and the risk-free production was achieved with zero defects.

Laser machines which could perform grinding, attrition, whisker effects, printing, bleaching effects on the product and be capable of more were produced. While these processes used to take several minutes with human hand operation, through laser machines the same has become to be made within seconds at a sitting. Through VAV technology instead of sand rodeo made by hand, laser has become to perform the same operation and thus human health has been protected.

Fuat Gözaçan Başarıları
Fuat Gözaçan Başarıları
Spray and resin operations which were previously performed manually could be done without touching through Spray Robots produced. In this way, while providing maximum benefit to human health and the environment, protection of the quality continuity with advanced technology throughout the entire production process and thus the entire production being same as the first sample have been a breakthrough in the industry.

Through washing and automation systems, in the washing process followed by control panels each product was treated with zero defects in appropriate circumstances. Contribution to the environment has been made with the help of environmentally friendly steam boilers by saving fuel.

Through these revolutionary technologies, widespread reputation has been created in the textile industry with the prevention of health problems in the sector especially the elimination of silicosis disease; with the contribution to the environment by less use of chemicals, water, and fuel and with high level of sustainable quality in the production structure.

VAV Technology Companies with the pride of all these achievements have been left as a gift to the world textile industry.